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Language which Never Existed

The idea of: “What if all the people may talk the same language?” is similar to all genius. Since regardless of the attempts, one may not know a foreign language... Read more

04 Jan 2012

Babel Tower

True or fiction let’s leave the solution of this problem to theologians. However the fact that there was single language proves the study of several generations of linguists. There is... Read more

09 Dec 2011

Language for Musicians

French is pronunciation is difficult, English has complex time group, Chinese and Japanese have difficult script. However one may study any language upon some efforts, ability and patience. Read more

30 Nov 2011

English – the Language of Common People

Do you know that several centuries ago English was exclusively the language of common people? And «English Language» should thank simple peasants for its grammatical peculiarities ... Read more

30 Nov 2011

Translator as a Profession

Why do employers should spend money for translator, if every second employee at large companies have TOEFL certificate? Gentlemen, this is not correct approach ... Read more

22 Nov 2011

Legalization of Documents

Our agency is doing professional translations as from 2000. At the same time we constantly improve the quality of our work, we expand the list of languages and services. We do not provide only interpretation and translation services, we also make the legalization of documents – as a result you may easily visit another country. We implement certification of documents in bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and then – in consulate of destination country. Our agency ensures not only the fact that your document will have legal force at the territory of another state, but we also make their execution as required by law. In the process of translation the style, grammar, and terminology of the original text are followed. In the process of execution of the document for the country where consular legalization is not needed (according to the Hague Convention dated 5 October 1961), we execute the procedure of “Apostille”. Before Apostille is affixed the translation is verified for accuracy and correctness. We take care about our reputation and we value every our customer, therefore we have responsible attitude to any order.
Our agency guarantees the confidentiality of each client – all the information provided will not go beyond the communication between you and your personal manager.


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