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Language which Never Existed

The idea of: “What if all the people may talk the same language?” is similar to all genius. Since regardless of the attempts, one may not know a foreign language... Read more

04 Jan 2012

Babel Tower

True or fiction let’s leave the solution of this problem to theologians. However the fact that there was single language proves the study of several generations of linguists. There is... Read more

09 Dec 2011

Language for Musicians

French is pronunciation is difficult, English has complex time group, Chinese and Japanese have difficult script. However one may study any language upon some efforts, ability and patience. Read more

30 Nov 2011

English – the Language of Common People

Do you know that several centuries ago English was exclusively the language of common people? And «English Language» should thank simple peasants for its grammatical peculiarities ... Read more

30 Nov 2011

Translator as a Profession

Why do employers should spend money for translator, if every second employee at large companies have TOEFL certificate? Gentlemen, this is not correct approach ... Read more

22 Nov 2011

Extinct languages

The language is a living substance, which develops, changes, blossoms and... disappears. There were many languages in the world which disappear along with the nations who used them ...

We may take as an example well-known Latin, ancient Greek, Sanskrit.
Now critically endangered are the languages such as: Eyak (an Indian language, the sole informant of which is the old Indian), Kerek (the language of the small nation in Russia possessing now two representatives only), an African Elmolo language (8 informants), Bikia (1 informant), Goundo (30 informants). The list may be expanded further. One day these languages will be “silent” forever along with the history of nations, their stories, songs, poems and sayings. It is very sad.
However, there is one consolation here – linguists, scientists use every effort to keep as much information about these languages as they can. We can say that this is a new section in linguistics “Relictology”. And, another thing – languages, as opposed to the nations, may be “revived”.

Striking example here is Hebrew language. Now this language is native to several million people, however, it was not so far ago, when it showed no signs of life ...